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When it came to health, weight loss and nutrition, if there was a max on the number of mistakes you could make, I think I topped it. In my twenties, I was utterly confused on what was truly healthy.
“I was on a mission to become what I thought (at the time) was the epitome of health”
But what I did was… actually stress myself out pursuing diet after diet, jumping on one fad after the other trying to get and stay “slim”. I was literally a diet addict, receiving another blow to my self-esteem each time I came up short.
I was often fascinated with the fitness and health gurus who handed out “standard” nutrition and weight loss plans that promised magical results. And being that I am a goal getting fanatic, I went after all of them with my heart and soul, working hard to make little to no progress at all OR when I did, found it nearly impossible to maintain. 

And eventually, as a reward for all that effort, I fried my adrenals and jacked up my metabolism.
So by 30, well I had found 30 – pounds that is, and I had reached my boiling point. It was at that time, I decided to make a change – a REAL change.
You see, I finally understood what I really needed through all of that…
  • I needed the facts (cold, hard facts so I could make the best decisions for me)
  •  I needed direction on what was good for ME (that’s right…where should I be focusing my attention) 
  •  I needed a plan (my plan – not some cookie one that’s supposed to work for everyone else). 
  •  I needed like-minded people for support (ones not just looking to shed pounds but wanted to be healthy and enjoy all the benefits that came along with that living that lifestyle).
And you know what I discovered, I was not alone. Most everyone needs that, at least, from time to time.

You see eventually, through trial and LOTS of error, I figured out the culprit of what prevented me and so many others from reaching our goal of healthy living and the steps we needed to take to overcome it.

And once I figured out how to do that for myself, I decided to bring that knowledge to the world because as I worked through my turbulent journey, I realized there were hundreds - thousands? millions? - of other women - JUST LIKE ME - who were burnt out, fed up, and frustrated about all the confusing messages about fitness, health and weight and were tired of working SO hard for zero results. And here it is.
The Metabolic Method
Our proven system to help you take control of your health, fitness and physique!
It removes all the guesswork, all the inaccurate information and all the one-size fits all baloney and provides a sure, yet customized pathway to YOUR healthy living.
So, if you are…

  •  Puzzled by the fact that nothing seems to be working and you’re ready to lose weight, increase your energy and improve your sleep 
  •  Confused about what to do, what not to do, how to eat and how to exercise to bring about the best you 
  •  35 + and have found that what worked before is no longer getting the job done and you’re ready to jump start your metabolism, reduce the aches and pains and become your fit and fabulous self again 
  •  Tired of feeling like you don’t belong are in need of a non-judgmental zone where you feel safe sharing the pitfalls as well as the triumphs on your journey 
  •  Looking to live a healthy lifestyle without workouts and calorie counting taking over your life
Then this is the SOLUTION FOR YOU!
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An active, dynamic group of peers with similar goals to keep you inspired and motivated throughout your journey along with access to me and other special guests.
  When you join recieve:
Metabolic Method Lifestyle Guide
This is pretty much Hormones 101 focused on getting your mind ready to get started on a healthier lifestyle. It is the gateway to fully understanding your hormones, their impact on your body and your impact on them. You can take back control and the metabolic lifestyle guide will be just that… your guide to identifying and doing what’s best for your body – putting you back in the driver’s seat.
The Metabolic Lifestyle Guide
If you're in need of accurate information and could use some additional guidance, love and support, then you’ll want to join me in the Metabolic Lifestyle Club!
When you join the Metabolic Lifestyle Club, you’ll gain…


Other club members - and myself - will help keep you on track and accountable with healthy dose of friendly encouragement so you’ll lose weight & inches, get fit and improve your overall health. We are ALL in this TOGETHER.


When you feel like giving in, the MM Lifestyle Club will inspire you to keep you going! My specially crafted program is designed to motivate you to reach for that greatness that is just beyond what you thought you could do.


Knowledge lasts a lifetime. Learn everything you need to know about hormones, fitness and living a healthy lifestyle TODAY and carry it with you into to tomorrow!


Remember, you are not alone and it’s lonely when you do this alone. The MM Lifestyle Club community provides that extended family who looks out for you and your success.


Learn how to walk tall in your own skin and be unafraid to be yourself in every situation!

It’s time to stop hoping and wishing and start getting and doing exactly what you need to create the healthy lifestyle you deserve!
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Because I want you in this group and because I *know* it will help you succeed, I’m keeping MM Lifestyle Club membership costs as low as possible as long as I can. We have $0 enrollment fee and crazy low cost for the ENTIRE YEAR!

With the MM Lifestyle Club Membership, you’ll get:
The MM Lifestyle Guide and over 10 lifestyle tools to guide you on your journey ($19.99 value!)
When you take care of yourself first, you will show up in the world every single day feeling powerful and making the impact you know you were meant to make!
  • BONUS: 30-Day Lifestyle Accelerated plan with specially designed recipes ($47 value)
  •  BONUS: 5 weeks of live/recorded Coaching calls with Coach Lydia ($350 value)
  •  Daily accountability/motivational instructional emails to help get and keep you on track ($55 daily value)
  •  Monthly MM Lifestyle Calls with me and special guest speakers to teach you about health, fitness and give you inspiration. ($150 Value/Call)
  •  Access to the MM Lifestyle Club Facebook Group, a private support space for club members to ask questions, make friends, share their journey, and grow with others on the same road. (Value $497)
  •  Special Personal Growth Live Sessions throughout the year. ($150 Value/Session)
  •  1 Year Membership
Lock in your membership today and start reaping the rewards of membership in the Metabolic Method Lifestyle Club TODAY!
Lydia Martinez, AKA “Coach Lydia” is a professional speaker, trainer, author and mentor that coaches entrepreneurs in business as well as health & weight loss. She has personally coached hundreds of individuals and thousands of groups to significant weight loss, body fat reduction, inches forever gone and improved health. Improving quality of life physically is what Lydia is driven to do and the most meaningful part of her life. That is why she gets so frustrated when things are so confusing for most people simply trying better their quality of life. And this is why she decided to do something about it.
We all want to be our best selves – inside and out – and figuring it all out can be a real challenge but what I’m giving you here is your very own roadmap. It’s time to make your decision.  The ball is in your court.
"I saw on Facebook Lydia Martinez presenting a webinar on Metabolic Method. I could not sign up fast enough. Watching the webinar I was in tears. I knew that I knew that I knew that MM was the program with the answers I was looking for! I have known Lydia for a number of years and I know her as a very intelligent, honest, loving and caring lady who knows how to successfully help people improve themselves! Both Jon and my eyes got wide when Lydia shared that cellulite and food sensitivities/allergies have a connection. Then when she said, “Give me 6 weeks and I will change your body. Give me 6 months and I will change your life.” I looked at my hubby still crying said “I want change!” I have gone from a very tight size 18 (actually tore my pants but would not get a bigger pair out) to a size 12 and over 40lbs loss with Metabolic Method! My friends call me the incredible, joy-filled, shrinking woman!!! MM and Lydia have changed my life for the better! I have identified what my body likes as fuel and what it does not like, by finding all my food intolerances. MM has taught me how to keep my hormones in balance, how to deal with stress better; emotional or environmental. More importantly, Lydia has taught me to be ok with myself. Thank you, Lydia and all the MM Coaches! My life is rich, full and joy filled daily! Metabolic Method has changed my life and set me free. Jon says that the money we spent on this program was one of the best investments we have ever made. Wink, he is pretty sexy now too as a side benefit of him tagging along on this journey he has lost more than a little weight too. Giggles n Grins."

Debbie Dern-Parker
“Hopelessness. Despair. Exhaustion. Pain. Shame. These were the main emotions I was feeling when I was introduced to the Metabolic Method. I knew if I didn't do SOMETHING I would be dead or incapacitated at the very least. I had given my all to numerous programs over the years, but none of them addressed what was really going on with me and my body. I started my journey hoping to get my hormones, inflammation and the effects of extreme stress under control. I had given up on losing weight because it ALWAYS found me again. To my surprise, once I started eliminating foods from my diet that I was sensitive to, the weight just started coming off! The first two weeks I lost 14 pounds and overall to date, I am down 45 pounds and 10% body fat. I started at tight size 18 pants and now wear a 12. I haven't been this size since I got married 32 years ago. Thank you for giving me Hope and My Life back, Lydia Martinez and the Metabolic Method team...I deserve to succeed! I also deserve a new wardrobe.’

Holly Lapinski
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