Elevate Your
Money, Mindset, and Audacious Confidence
* Limited to 10 Max Attendees*
For motivated, fast-action-taking business owners who want to unlock hidden profits RIGHT NOW—and who want to skip a HUGE learning curve…
In order to accelerate your income and take quantum leaps in your business, you must get out of your comfort zone.
At Elevate Your Money Mindset and Sales Mastery with Audacious Confidence Intensive Retreat, you will:
Break Through Your
Hidden Money Mindset Barriers 
Finally release all the hidden obstacles that limit your growth and income potential
Discover the Art & Psychology of Successfully Selling To Women
 We don't teach anything slick or slimy, just results getting kick-a** PROVEN strategies
 Ignite Your Audacious
Inner Confidence
Learn our proven methods to attract, close, and partner with your ideal client or customer
Collaborate and Mastermind 
with Impact Focused Women Entrepreneurs
Learn the power of leveraging connections like elite performing business women have done to create massive success. 
Discover What it Really Takes to Create a 6 Figure Business Model, Finally!
There is so much fluff in the online coaching "guru" space, we want to diffuse the myths and help you  learn the philosophy and methods required to build a solid business
Optimize your Sales Funnels, Email Campaigns, Sales Pages, Landing Pages, or Strategic Review or Build Out Your Program/Course
Discover how to start running your coaching business like a business with clear strategy and start building a business income versus hobby income...
So.... If you’ve reached the point  in your business where you know the who (you help) and the what (products and services) you sell, but you just need to put some extra FIRE & MUSCLE (and strategy) into the HOW (you book out), we’re here to help. 
We’re asking our participants to pick ONE main goal to focus on during our time together on the water in beautiful Florida, but here are some of the amazing goals for 2018 that you can slay at The Elevate Retreat.
  • YOUR BUSINESS PLAN for the year! 
  •  YOUR SALES FUNNEL, fully mapped out and ready to go! 
  •  YOUR LAUNCH PLAN for your next launch!  
  •  YOUR LIST-BUILDING STRATEGY for the next 6 months! 
  •  YOUR LEAD MAGNET, created and written! 
  •  YOUR WEBSITE COPY, written and ready to load
  •  YOUR AUDACIOUS CONFIDENCE - creating a level of belief and boldness that ignites the right actions, attracts the right clients, and keeps you on track to say YOUR BEST YES every single day.  
Self & Business Discovery in an
Intimate & Exclusive Environment
Relax. Unwind. Release.
Our attendees will be treated to a luxury world class experience...
You will enjoy a relaxing stay in our Exclusive and Intimate Retreat home, with all the bells and whistles as you relax and step into becoming an exceptional health coach and living the life you deserve - with time freedom and clarity.

Each attendee will have access to exceptional amenities with their  bedroom and bathroom and have access to our pool.

This retreat is  limited to 10 attendees. 
Meet Master Trainer & Coach:
 Lydia Martinez-Ebling
Lydia Martinez, AKA “Coach Lydia” is the Founder and CEO of Metabolic Method and Metabolic Method Academy. .

Lydia is a highly sought-after corporate trainer, speaker and health coach. Her track record of success extends beyond the traditional corporate sales & marketing training. She has also personally recruited, trained, and managed direct sales organizations that have included thousands of independent distributors.

In addition to her extensive sales & marketing skills, Lydia has a deep rooted passion for health and wellness. She has spent the last 20 years continuing to learn and adapt to the latest scientific breakthroughs in health. Lydia’s passion for wanting to grow and help others experience a lifestyle of better health & wellness has allowed her to accomplish the following:

Lydia is also a former national corporate director of a multi-million dollar weight loss program.

Here are a just a few of Lydia's specialties:
Master Coach & Elite Health Coach Marketing Strategist
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Fitness Specialist
Fitness Nutrition Coaches
Sports Nutrition Specialist
Kids Nutrition Specialist
Certified Weight Management Specialist

Meet Master Trainer & Coach:
Sye Wells
Sye Wells is the co-founder and CEO at Jordan Hunter Digital Marketing &  Co-Founder of Teach Me Digital Marketing Academy.

Sye transforms and monetizes businesses. She is an inspiration to thousands of entrepreneurs who seek to engage, connect and multiply. 

Sye is featured as a thought leader and women entrepreneur mentor in the book, "All In: How Women Entrepreneurs Can Think Bigger, Build Sustainable Businesses, and Change the World."

Sye Wells has been tapped to speak and coach at world changer events like The Conversation Event, which hosts the 1 percenter business owners and change catalysts in the world. 

Online, her newspaper ShestheCEO.com inspires women owned businesses to excel, reach higher, and create a greater global impact.

​Sye is relentlessly committed to effective business solutions and powerfully simple communications. Her areas of expertise are sustainable design and sales funnel solutions, and integrated brand identity systems, brand design and strategy, brand messaging, web development, digital media strategy, site architecture, and site marketing. 

Her company projects serve athletes, NBA players, CEOs, and speaker’s interested in making a difference.

BONUS! Exciting Done For You CONTENT for All Attendees: 
10 Letters to get (and keep) Every Sale!!! 
Letter #1  -  Follow Up With Potential Customers Who Do Not Buy - 
If a client visits your sales page but does not buy, this email will help answer questions and remove purchasing barriers. 
Letter #2 -  Send When a Potential Client Says “No” - 
Send this email to respond to your client’s concerns regarding your programs or services to overcome their objections and get them excited to work with you. 
Letter #3 - Reconnect With a Past Client - 
This letter is perfect for reaching out to a client you’ve coached in the past, and would love to work with again. They are waiting for the opportunity. With this letter, you’ll give it to them.  
Letter #4 - Send to a Canceled Group Coaching Member - 
This letter lets canceled members know about changes to your membership since they’ve left, and extends an invitation to rejoin. Sometimes life circumstances change or the person’s business has changed and they’ll jump at the chance to pick up where they left off 
Letter #5 - Send When a Client Says “It’s Not in My Budget” -
 This letter answers the money concerns your potential clients might have in a thoughtful, gentle manner.  
Letter #6 - Send When Client Isn’t Doing the Work -
 This letter offers a gentle reminder of her goals, plus encouragement to keep moving forward. This letter can help to ensure your client’s success so they continue to work with you.  
Letter #7 - Send Following a No-Show Appointment - 
Frequently a no-show is just based in fear. Send this letter to help potential clients overcome their concerns while offering encouragement and information on how you can help.  
Letter #8 - Send When They Hire a Different Coach - 
Send this letter to wish them well with their new coach, and to remind them of additional training/programs you offer that may be a good fit down the road. They’ll remember that you were a class act. Frequently, when their other coaching relationship ends, they’ll come back and be ready to sign on the dotted line saying “I should have chosen you instead.” While we don’t wish anyone to waste money, we definitely want them to end up with the RIGHT coach (you) in the end.  
Letter #9 - Letter Responding to a Refund Request - 
Send this letter to encourage feedback from your customer, and to offer an exchange in lieu of a refund. You’ll keep the money in your account AND have a happy customer for life.  
Letter #10 -  Send When a Sales Call Goes Bad -
 Send this letter when you feel a sales or discovery call was awkward or non-productive. This is a graceful way to help your client to come back and work with you, even if they feel embarrassed. 
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